Why Integrated Vascular Services?

With the changes by Medicare and the Insurance Industry, our company can help reduce your overall out of pocket expenses by assisting in the reduction of nosocomial infections. Besides appropriate line placement at bedside, we can provide one or more of the following services:

  • Offer overview of your facilities IV Policy Procedure manual compared to your nosocomial infections as related to IV catheters.
  • Assist in updating your IV therapy P/P Manual to meet INS (Infusion Nurse Society) Standards, CDC guidelines, OSHA (Safety related to IV equipment), Joint Commission standards.
  • IV skills class to help your nurses become more proficient at IV therapy.
  • In-services for:
    • CVC blood drawing
    • TPN Therapy
    • Central Line Care and Maintenance
    • Mediport Accessing

These Consultant/Educational Services are specifically customized to meet your facilities needs.

No hidden fees. It is our privilege to serve you. We do not believe adding hidden costs such as delivery charge or mileage should be passed on to our customers. You are only charged for supplies used and services rendered; never more. Our prices are competitive but may not be the lowest. Keep in mind, “The sweetness of low price is long forgotten after the bitterness of poor service is remembered”. Having a line placed by us at the bedside is a fraction of the costs associated with sending a patient/resident out to another facility for access.

Timeliness. Although PICC lines are an elective procedure and are not emergent, we feel that providing service in the timeliest manner prevents unnecessary delays in needed therapy (s).

State of the art equipment. We strive to provide the best possible service. This includes not only the durable equipment needed to be successful, the educational updates for our staff and/or facilities serviced; it includes the best possible sterile supplies from our vendors. We are constantly shopping for the best possible products to contribute to the best possible outcome for the patient we service at the same time assisting the facility(s) staff in minimizing complications, infections or problems with their accesses.

Compassion and professionalism. Too many times family and patient questions go unanswered by knowledgeable ‘professionals’. It is an honor for us to answer questions from patients, family, and staff. Sharing information is the first step in reducing anxiety, complications, and misunderstandings.